No but seriously, where is the catch?

So you are a sceptic. I like you.

Even though you can see my financial history right here you still believe there is something more to this. No millennial can own their own home at the age of 27 in Sydney, Australia one of the most expensive cities in the world without help.

It is just impossible. You can’t do it. You must be too addicted to smashed avo on toast to make it happen right?

Wrong. Well kind of.

In the true spirit of giving you the nitty gritty details I will tell you what I believe have been the biggest advantages to me in my financial life. The things that without which I would be in a different financial position. Not a terrible position, but not one as strong as I am today.

My Family

My parents are still married and made reasonable if not sometimes questionable financial decisions (sorry Mum and Dad!) throughout my childhood. I had a rock solid home life and this meant I could still be living at home right now if I had chosen to.

I moved out of home at age 21 into the unit I still live in today. Having that safety net of a stable family was a huge help in allowing me to save up the deposit for my unit.

Before you claim I have a silver spoon in my mouth though, my parents made me pay rent from the time I was 20 until I moved out!

My Job

I am not a high flying executive with a salary to match. I started as an apprentice, but I chose to work for a company that I knew I could grow in and have my salary grow as well. It employs thousands of people and had a long track record of being stable employment. It isn’t a sexy dotcom darling or going to pay me millions in bonuses but it is going to be there for me as long as I continue to do my job competently and I choose to work.

I have worked for the same company since I was 19 and this was entirely intentional. Long term financial goals are more easily reached if you have a steady source of income as a solid foundation.

My Education (or lack of)

You might have guessed that because I was with the same company since age 19 I probably didn’t have a lot of time for university and you would be right. In fact I just cut it out altogether. I have never been to university. I never felt I needed a degree to succeed financially in life and I have my parents to thank for that. Neither of my parents have a degree and yet, financially speaking they are quite comfortable. With role models like them I knew it was possible to make money without going to Uni. It may be harder but I have never shied from a challenge and I was eager to prove I could do it my way.

I don’t specifically recommend that you don’t go to university but you should strongly consider whether going to university for your chosen career is really required. I believe that the majority of high school graduates would have better financial outcomes and be more fulfilled by simply pursuing a trade or a career where on the job training is provided or can be sought.

My Kids (or lack of)

I would love to have children but I don’t have children. They are expensive and if you have kids early in life financially speaking they will set you back. The simple truth is I can’t afford children where I live and also reach my current financial goals.

My Location

No hiding from this one, I was born and raised in Australia, one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. I have never won the lottery but this is the closest I will probably come. By being born in this country I have enjoyed enormous advantages that are the envy of the world. Simple as that.

So there they are, the financial advantages that have helped make me, the Nitty Gritty Financier the financial person I am today.

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