$370.01 and the Nitty Gritty Financier

Here it is, the earliest bank statement that I could find. The birth of my financial life.

Who am I though and why should you listen to what I have to say about financial matters?

$370.01 is not entirely an impressive figure and you would be right, but fast forward a little over 11 years and at the age of 27 I had paid off the mortgage on my unit and had transformed that figure into a net worth of $648,360 AUD (as at 17 November 2017).

I did not get an inheritance.

I did not win the lottery.

I did not go to university.

I did not have an exceptionally high paying job (i.e. $115,000+).

I did not receive a deposit or guarantor from my parents.

I did not get a small loan of one million dollars.

There are no get out clauses, fine print or gotcha’s here. Just the nitty gritty details on what it takes to achieve your financial goals like I have and will continue to do.

My financial records will speak for themselves. I have posted them here (redacted to protect my privacy of course!).

Financial voyeurs rejoice, the last 12 years of my financial life is being laid bare for you to analyse, criticise and moralise.

Am I crazy? Won’t my identity be stolen? Maybe, but it is very important for me to be as transparent as possible with you. I wouldn’t accept anything less from someone on the internet telling me to follow their tips on financial management.

You now have a way to see EXACTLY how I did it, down to every cent and interest rate change. More importantly YOU can do this.

I have followed many financial gurus in my time. Many have offered great advice which I follow to this day. However I always felt something was missing from the picture. I couldn’t help but want to see more real world information and details for the examples there were giving.

To the financial gurus of the world I say “Show me the money…records. Prove to me what you say is true by putting your money records where your mouth is.”

And so here we are, all you will find on this blog is the nitty gritty details, after all, I am the Nitty Gritty Financier.

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